Submission Directions:
One poet and one prose writer are chosen by blind online submission & will have the opportunity to read for ~20 minutes somewhere in Portland, OR (the specifics will be up on our Submittable portal). submission welcomes previously published work and request no rights. Please send only one submission per genre per reading period. A cover letter is not required. If you live more than a day’s drive away, please note in your cover letter that you’re aware that you would need to manage your own way to Portland.

Please follow the directions or you may be disqualified:

  • Poets should submit 7-15 pages of poems.
  • Prose writers should submit 7-15 double-spaced pages of prose.
  • Please make every effort to strip your work of identifying information before sending it to us – do not use your name as the title of your submission, or as your submitted word doc, or in the margins. You may write to us in the cover letter, which we don’t see until after we pick winners.
  • Don’t submit the exact same piece of writing over multiple submission periods; even if you got an encouraging note, we’d like to see new work.
  • Please (please) don’t submit the same piece of writing across all genre categories in the same open reading period. There are but two readers and we both have access to the entire queue, so we can see the work/title submitted multiple times. By submitting the same piece in multiple categories, you are making it more expensive for us to run Submittable and making it harder for us to offer an option for writers to submit their work for free.
  • All writers should submit through our Submittable portal.

Feel free to contact us with further questions at submissionpdx[AT]gmail[DOT]com.

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