Fundraiser Chapbook

The Submission Fundraiser Chapbook was created from the work of past Submission readers in order to send two writers to the Airstream Poetry Festival in October 2018 with lodging and a travel stipend. Since that project has past, the rest of the chapbook sales will go towards funding special Submission projects, Submittable costs, booking venues, and more.

It features writing by Sara Adams, Alex Behr, Katie Chase, Karolinn Fiscaletti, Karleigh Frisbie, Elaine Kahn, Brian Pillion, Jessica Pollard, Zachary Schomburg, Rose Swartz, and Johanna Stoberock. Design and hare cover by Tyler Meese. Pigeon sketch by Robert Duncan Gray. Curated and edited by Ally Harris and Kate Garklavs.

Payment Directions:
In order to make the chapbook cheaper for our readers, we only accept payment by SquareCash. Please click the pay button below to send us $8 plus $2 shipping, then submit your address and email  in the “Optional Note” section. If you’d like to order multiple copies, please indicate how many copies in the notes section and your email in case we have any additional questions for you.
*Note: Please email us if you have any questions or issues: