Q: Why is your submission process blind?

We wanted to create a reading series that would help writers read, network, and perform without having to know a lot of people or have a lot of already-established connections. This means a writer can be awkward, busy, or experimenting with genres and submit/participate without having to feel like a lot is at stake. We want to meet new writers and we want you to meet a new audience.

Q: Can I submit published work?

Yes! Since this is a reading series, you may submit work that is previously published. We prefer, however, that you submit pieces you are most likely to read, though we are flexible on changes/edits/excerpts when the time comes.

Q: How often will you have readings?

Four to six readings a year, or however much I can manage.

Q: Do I have to live in Portland?

No, but it helps. This is a fledgling reading series, so we cannot help you with travel costs, though we’ll be happy to take you to the Florida Room and give you a couch or cot to crash on. If your personal information in Submittable indicates that you live more than a day’s drive away, please note in your cover letter that you’re aware that you would need to manage your own way to Portland until further notice.

Q: Wait, but I thought submissions are blind.

Once we pick the winners in each category, we do get to see your cover letter information. In order to account for people not reading directions and for extenuating circumstances (i.e. balancing representation), we do pick a few top choices, so even if you are not ultimately chosen we might get to see who you are and what your deal is.

Q: What do you mean when you say, “Please send only one submission per genre per reading period”?

By that we mean you are allowed to submit one submission in each genre category (i.e. one poetry submission and one prose submission). Multiple submissions in one genre category will be disqualified (i.e. submitting two different packets of poetry). Right now, our reading series has only one prose editor and one poetry editor. Reading through submissions takes a lot of time and we just don’t have the human power to accept multiple submissions right now. Please honor our time by playing fair! We appreciate it 🙂

If you have questions for us, frequent or infrequent, you can e-mail us at submissionpdx[AT]gmail[DOT]com or contact us at facebook.com/submissionpdx.

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