Past Readers

submission nine, saturday, may 12th, independent publishing resource center
poetry: josh fomon
prose: alex behr

submission eight, saturday, feb 17th, mother foucault’s
poetry: jessica pollard
prose: karleigh frisbie

submission seven, saturday, august 26th, haight house
poetry: karolinn fiscaletti
prose: tyler meese

submission six, saturday, august 6th, haight st. summer barbecue
poetry: nathan wade carter, paul maziar
prose: katie chase, abby norwood

submission five, friday, may 20th, independent publishing resource center
poetry: sara adams
prose: johanna stoberock

submission four, saturday, february 27th, haight st. house reading
poetry: katherine factor
prose: marjorie celona

submission three, saturday, november 21st, haight st. housewarming reading
poetry: robert duncan gray
prose: zachary schomburg

submission two, saturday, august 29, mother foucault’s bookshop
poetry: rose swartz
prose: ismet prcic

submission one, saturday, june 13, mother foucault’s bookshop
poetry: elaine kahn
prose: david shafer


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