APF Submission Fellows Announcment

After quite a bit of deliberation, these are the winners of our open reading period! Because there were so many strong writers we devised a few more reading “prizes,” including spots to read at our upcoming fundraiser, as well as spots to read at Portland’s 2018 LitCrawl. Check out the results below:

Submission’s Airstream Poetry Festival Fellows:
Prose: Jennifer Brennock
Poetry: Megan Freshley

First Runner Ups (reading at our fundraiser):
Prose: Hannah Pass
Poetry: Jenessa VanZutphen

Runner Ups (reading at 2018 LitCrawl):
Prose: Shenan Hahn, Lois Ruskai Melina, James Gapinski
Poetry: Delphine Bedient, Bill Carty, Alice Hall

Runner Ups (had scheduling conflicts with opportunities):
Jessica Mehta, Chelsea R Grimmer, John Sibley Williams


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